Automobile Spare Parts Gearbox Shell Custom Die Casting CNC Machining Aluminum Parts

Short Description:

item: Gearbox

CNC Machining or Not: Cnc Machining

Type: Milling

Material Capabilities: Aluminum, Hardened Metals

Micro Machining or Not: Micro Machining

Place of Origin: China

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item Gearbox
CNC Machining or Not Cnc Machining
Type Milling
Material Capabilities Aluminum, Hardened Metals
Micro Machining or Not Micro Machining
Place of Origin China
Model Number customized
Brand Name henghui
Product name Gearbox
Materials Avaliable Aluminum Stainless Plastic Metals Copper
Process Cnc Machining
Surface treatment Customer’s Request
Application Auto
Color Sliver
Service Customized OEM
Drawing Format 2D/(PDF/CAD)3D(IGES/STEP)
MOQ 100pcs
Delivery Time 15-25 Days

CNC Machining

1. Vertical machining center: A machining center whose spindle is in a vertical state in space is called a vertical machining center. The vertical machining center machine should be suitable for processing complex parts such as plates, discs, molds and small shells. The vertical machining center can complete the processes of milling, boring, drilling, tapping and thread cutting.
Vertical machining centers are rarely three-axis and two-linkage, and generally can achieve three-axis and three-linkage. Some can carry out five-axis, six-axis control. Compared with the corresponding horizontal machining center, the structure is simple, the floor space is small, and it is more affordable.

2. Horizontal machining center: A machining center whose spindle is horizontal in space is called a horizontal machining center. Horizontal machining centers are suitable for mass production of products with complex shapes and high precision requirements, especially the processing of boxes and complex structural parts. It is used extensively in the automotive, aerospace, marine and power generation industries for the precise and efficient machining of complex parts. Compared with the vertical machining center, the horizontal machining center has a complex structure, a large area, and a high cost. Moreover, the horizontal machining center is inconvenient to observe during machining, and it is inconvenient to clamp and measure parts, but it is not convenient for chip removal during machining. Easy, good for processing.

3. Compound machining center: The spindle of the machining center can be converted horizontally and vertically, which is called a vertical and horizontal machining center, and also becomes a compound machining center. The compound machining center completes a variety of machining procedures by clamping the workpiece at one time, which shortens the machining time and improves the machining accuracy. CNC turning and milling compound machining center is the main model of compound machining center. It usually realizes machining processes such as plane milling, drilling, tapping, and slot milling on CNC lathes. It has compound functions such as turning, milling, and boring. to complete the entire process.

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